Ikonmap is a mind-mapping tool to revolutionize the way you organize your ideas and how you brainstorm. We are currently developing a new version of our tool.

  • Visualize your ideas

    Ikonmap is the best mind-mapping tool to free your mind of thoughts, brainstorm and put your ideas in a visual map

  • No installation required

    You don't need to install Ikonmap, it works in any browser and computer using modern HTML5 technology through our web interface

  • Collaborative teamwork

    Ikonmap synchronizes your projects automatically across devices allowing you to work with your team members, friends and family. We have recently collaborated with some quick house buyers who are exclusively testing this tool to share information amoungst their network of property buying agents. We hope to continue our expansion through collabaration with other companies

  • Exporting features

    Easy exporting features to the most used file formats such as PDF documents, presentations, images, spreadsheets or simple text

If you would like to see how the new Ikonmap is looking and get early access, please apply for our closed Beta-tester program below:

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