Around The World in 90 Days


The adventure of going around the world in 90 days can be an informative, thrilling, breath taking experience which many people love to do. with the entire globe to view from either flying or on land, this could be the most astounding experience you have ever had in your life. There are different avenues which can be used to see this amazing adventurous event come true. More importantly different means used to travel would be crucial in succeeding this plan, some of the available platforms and channels which can be adopted prior to commencing this activity include;

Flights; you can book cheap flights to accomplish this task whereby you stand the chance of seeing every corner of the entire planet at a glance. With different airliners available to offer you different travel packages, more resourceful means and friendly travel plans can be adopted in this way, making the whole journey a fantastic trip around the world. Prior arrangements should be put in place to ensure that all required travel documents including passports, debit and credit cards are in good shape and up to date to avoid setbacks in the middle of the this auspicious occasion. Travel customs too should be observed and verifications done through the relevant agencies and authorities.

Travel by train; travelling around the world by train would be an exhausting experience for anyone .  With technology now influencing every aspect of life, electric trains that travel at an incredibly fast speed are now available. Additionally, travelling by train is much easier and booking can be done on line making the whole process of planning for travel much easier and flexible. No one would wish to be left out of this adventure trust me! The journey may take three months so stopping destinations should be clearly indicated maybe from one continent to another, specific places to stop over will be on the itinerary.

Travel by road; it’s now possible to conquer this adventure via. Many people are currently doing this by using electric cars which allows you to travel the world in a very eco-friendly way. Travelling from one continent to another would be exhausting but also a very refreshing experience and With only 90 days to achieve this challenge only a well maintained and powerful vehicle would promise to cover the amount of miles. Again, with a clearly outlined world map, predefined destinations  already determined and or stopovers, this would be one of mans greatest achievements.

Travel by water; according to wikianswers it could take 3 to 4 years to travel around the world when using a boat. Of course it would be great to experience all the different marine life and picteresque views on incoming land but surely this will end up being a chore than a pleasure.

As always just having an idea isn’t enough, giving something a try would be the most gratifying experience. Millionaires such as Steve Fossett have the ability to try and break new records but for the most of us it would be too difficult to simply take the time out of our daily lives.

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