Discover Unique Pieces for your Home at Markets and Salvage Yards

The key to vintage items is to find a new use for them so be creative. For instance you can use wire mesh postal baskets as display shelving in the kitchen, and even vintage hats as lampshades , but only with low-energy bulbs. It makes for a fun and quirky interior.

Bring a tape measure when searching for furniture. Before you shop, measure the area you mean to fill, as well as the spaces it’ll need to fit through from  your front door dimensions can be deceiving once you’ve found a great piece! Antique chandeliers will add a touch of glamour and are a great way to disguise energy-saving bulbs, make sure you have them re-wired professionally to meet current safety standards.

Find a salvage yard near you. Whether  you’re looking for specific items, such as fireplaces, lighting or building materials, or simply Want to browse home ware  locally, take a look at reclamation and salvage yards you can find a great bargain. Another place to find a good deal is at markets, be brave enough to haggle the price, especially at the end of the day when the seller may just want to get rid of a piece. Offer around 30 per cent less and be prepared to bargain it’s worth a shot and all part of the fun!

When searching  for old chairs, cupboards or wardrobes, don’t be put off by surface finishes with dark stains, heavy varnishes or out-of-date fabrics, look at the shape and try to imagine It in a colour or  fabric that will complement your room scheme. Give an old wardrobe a modern makeover with a wallpapered interior and painted exterior. Choose one with flat surfaces for the paper to sit on, and sand it down so that the paint or paper will stick really well. Finish off by adding modern handles and a tassel for the key.

Many items, such as china tea sets, may be out of fashion, but can be reused.  You can try filling a delicately patterned teacups with candle wax and a wick, the mix of styles added real charm.

Reclaimed flooring,  such as parquet or old  floorboards, will add character and style. This is a eco-friendly option and can be a real bargain. But remember to factor in the cost of cleaning, laying, stripping and finishing, which can all add up.

Occasionally, small changes can make a big difference. For instance, an older item like a turned-wood floor standing lamp may just need a small alteration, such as adding a contemporary shade and a lick of paint to bring it up to date. Vintage furniture made from the 1920s to the 1970s tends to be made of solid wood and built to last. It’s a worthwhile investment and likely to increase in value over time.

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